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Currently based out of Middlesbrough, England – Zero is an artist and noise maker with a passion for exploring and experimenting with art and its materials. Best known for his Graffiti/Street Art imagery, Zero’s career has seen him grow from the streets of the UK to the walls of galleries and homes across the World.

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“For me art is not about the outcome but about how you get there. It is like a journey for which I have no map, no path to follow, and no directions to guide me and that’s how I like it – as the destination is not important but what I learn along the way is!”


Art Practice

Chances of me completely restarting a piece half way through


Personal Grooming

Chance that next time I shave I'll cut myself a ridiculous moustache


Massive Nerd

Of Quentin Tarantino's scripts memorised


Harsh Reality

Of my life probably all ready behind me

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